Art Printing

A New Orleans artist is a unique creature. At Gentilly Mail and Copy, we work with local artists producing the highest quality prints of their work.
Our Company has a wide variety of printers to put your artwork in your hands.  For up to 17 inch wide wide use the Epson SureColor P800. This Art Printer has Archival quality digital photo printing with 10 different 300 year inks and eight common paper sizes.  We can also print from a roll of photo paper or photo canvas 17 inches wide and any length.

Photo Print Prices

4x6 .35

11x14 9.99

5x7 2.39

11x17 11.99

8x10 3.99

13x19 13.99

8.5x11 4.59


16x20 16.99


Art comes in many different sizes and shapes. We strive to bring you the best  medium to bring your creation into this world.  
We do this by offering you choice, you can go big, go small, go digital, or go giclee.

If the Epson can’t handle your creation then we have the Canon Pro-4000.  This printer is a 12 ink high end printer that can not only render your art but show the brush strokes that went into making it.  Able to handle  paper up to .8 MM thick with a weight of 400GSM and 44”x100’ in size.


Digital Photos turned into Art. 

We have various media types to include Vinyl, Canvas, Heavy Weight Poster Paper, Regular Weight and Blueprint Paper with the option of digital or giclee style printing

Compare the two

On the left you have a digital print and on the right a giclee.  What most people comment on at first is that the digital print has a much brighter color scheme to the picture, which is indeed one of the benefits of the process. The prints that come from a a digital laser print is normally more crisp and defined.  The Giclee however is more true to the art.  Nothing is glossed over or faded from one copy to the next, keeping the color scheme in the proper context. 

Every stroke of the brush stroke on a canvas carries with it the artists intent.  New Orleans is the same way, every chipped brick and missing cobble has a story behind it.  Giclee lets those minute movements be captured and represented in every print.  The process starts with 300 year ink.  The quality is so fine that museums use it to reproduce the great works of the ages. The next step is the media: Acid free, Archival quality paper that will again last hundreds of years with the proper care.

The Ink

The world of printing lies predominately in two     categories : Inkjet and laser.  Both types rely on what’s called CMYK, which uses three colors mixed to get the entire rainbow and the last is black. Giclee expands on this process using Inkjet, using 10-12 different colors of archival quality pigment based ink. This allows for a greater control in not only the color palate but how it shows very small details like brush strokes.


The Paper

Hand in hand with the ink, paper can make or break a piece of art.  If you print on the wrong media it can fade, crack, or just not hold the ink properly (which can impact the level of saturation) while we have a wide array of paper for all your needs, with this style of printing we use 300 year acid free paper.  We have photo paper and canvas in both luster and glossy


Canvas Print - Canvas Wrap

Another of our services for the discerning artist is our fantastic canvas prints.  We use the same archival quality ink on our top of the line wide format canvas.

We not only offer printing, but we can do a canvas stretch on our custom fit canvas frames using regular and heavy duty stretcher bars, hand built to fit your creation.  We provide not only a regular Canvas Wrap, but we also have the option of upgrading your painting to a Gallery Wrap for those peices that are worth the extra investment.


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